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Services for product and e-commerce photography also available.

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Tom Griffiths

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How bad interior photography is bad for business

Is bad interior photography really bad for business? If your business relies on photography to secure bookings online and you haven’t hired a professional(or at least someone very good) to make the photographs, it could be affecting your success. Here’s why…

Our digital lives are transforming at a rapid rate. Our society is incredibly fast paced and tech heavy. We rely on apps to make life easier and improve our experiences of almost everything. As a result, we are bombarded with media from every possible direction; TV, digital advertising, social media and apps all throw imagery, videos and copy at us in attempt to lure us in and buy whatever they are offering. This makes the average internet user much more skilled at navigating their way through the digital world and incredibly adept at filtering interesting and useful information from the constant buzz. We rapidly scan through the endless stream of media, and are quickly drawn in to good quality and relevant content that catches our eye.

Consumers and attention span

The average time spent consuming online content is getting shorter and shorter, meaning, if your business’s photography is not up to scratch quality wise, or doesn’t fit your target market’s aesthetic or taste, then you are likely missing loads of potential customers, and not because they aren’t seeing it – because they are just choosing to ignore it.

The average internet user now spends less than 60 seconds on a website, so first impressions really do count. You really have to make sure your content is the best it can be, if you just throw something up quickly online, that’s how it will look to your audience. Most web users look at the headline and the biggest feature image before deciding if they want to continue, or look somewhere else. In a matter of seconds (often sub-consciously), potential clients could make a decision based on imagery alone, that a site is not what they’re looking for, put off by pictures that look cheap, dark, blurry and lack-lustre.

When it comes to digital imagery, the average person has much higher standards than even a year or two ago, simply because we are surrounded by much better quality imagery. The standard of our family pictures, or even our brunch and latte shots at the local coffee shop are of a pretty high standard. Most people can take a pretty decent photograph these days, and many spend plenty of time working on their own Instagram posts. So it’s completely understandable that people just don’t have any patience for poor quality photography work, especially in a situation where they might be parting with their hard earned cash on a product or service that is presented in a sub-standard manner. They simply ignore it.

Where it could be going wrong

To put it into perspective.  If we are looking to book a hotel using a booking app or site such as bookings.com. We usually decide to click on a listing, based on the single or couple of images presented to us. If it doesn’t “look” good you simply don’t look. This is why you should have nothing but the very best imagery on your website or wherever photography is serving you. Whenever you get those precious clicks or referrals onto your website, via whatever means. You want to make sure your content is as effective as possible at engaging your customer, telling your story and converting those clicks into customers. You don’t want to be paying for PPC or social media campaigns only to have people bounce right away because they don’t resonate with your brand immediately.

If you are running a service business that exchanges use of a space for money (whether its a hotel, restaurant, venue etc). Then it is of upmost importance that your photography is the absolute best it can be. You could have a really beautiful space, let down by bad images. Perhaps the photographs are dark & gloomy, or the colour balance is off making the room feel green and unsettling. Or maybe they are all taken with the wrong type of lens, distorting the perspective, or making it feel really cramped and closed in. It’s just not worth the risk using less than perfect images.

A Quick Example of the Maths

Take a B&B business as an example. Accepting bookings online only. On average the business makes £30k per year, converting leads from a Google PPC ad on their website at a rate of 3%. If they could increase their conversion rate by 1% to a 4% avg. conversion rate (which is definitely achievable, if they currently don’t use professional interior photography on their site). Then that 1% increase would result in the annual turnover increasing to £40k. So if you think about it, not getting their photography right could be losing them £10000 per year in missed bookings. Which is a lot more than the photography would cost and such a shame if they’ve already invested a lot of money making their place look really special.

A good interior photographer doesn’t have to be expensive and will potentially increase your bottom line. They will be able to capture your space in the best way possible. They do it everyday after all, and have the experience of seeing many venues.  They’ll make it feel bright, spacious and capture the small details that make up the bigger picture. The pictures will be sharp and full of clarity. But a good interior photographer will also be able to help with the styling, making sure things are in the right places and helping the spaces look less cluttered and more appealing to your audience.

Is your business loosing money by operating with average photography? If you would like to hear how I can help you transform your online image and update all your assets with beautiful interior photography that really serves you well, then get in touch today and lets get your business performing its best.

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